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The grand finals of the INGAME Esports South Asia Cup Online DOTA 2 championship took place with an India vs Pakistan face-off. Recreational Hazard from Pakistan made their way to the finals, beating fellow country-men Portal eSports in the lower brackets. Global eSports made a clean sweep through groups stages and play-offs all the way to the finals, and entered the final day with a 1-0 lead through the upper-bracket. With only 2 matches required to secure their bo5 victory, Global eSports had a shaky start with Recreational Hazard showing a dominant performance in the early game of game 1.  Global eSports went on to take game 1 after some coordinated team fights gave them the edge to steamroll their opponents later in the game. Game 2 was a quick <15min affair with Global eSports taking the win and along with it, the championship.